NC Automation

What are the benefits of NC Control ?

What are the benefits of NC Control ?

  • Automatic bending by Programming the rolls positions, Numeric Control (NC) enables standard size and high volume productivity
  • Easy to use and no need of hight-tech knowledge, suitable for companies who fabricate mass products
  • Multilingual ability with 16 Languages so far and can be translated to your Native language also.
  • The standard 4 Axis system can be expanded to 7-Axis ability for Overhead Crane and Side supports Add-ons if needed
  • Able to work with Sheet feeder and Part Ejector Extensions
  • Able to Record your programs step-by-step with Teach Mode
  • Presize Positioning of rolls with Semi Auto Bending if needed
  • With pre-recorded programs the Operator may only act to feed and eject the meterial easily.
  • Able to save 1000's of programs via USB port, possibility of saving and recalling you progams of specific applicaitons anytime.
Full Automation

Full Automation

  • Vacuum Sheet Lifting and Positioning Feeding System
  • Automatic Bending with NC Controller Unit
  • Ejector system to Feed the part to Welding line
  • Hydraulic Overhead Crane for Large Diameters to prevent streching
  • Control over Air System and Re-setting

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